Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn Open Up About The Reason They Remain Unmarried

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples who have spent nearly four decades together. Hawn is 76 years old, but you wouldn’t think it with how active and full of life she is. Her adorable and loving relationship with Kurt, who is 70 years old, is the sweetest, while the obvious affection they have for each other is more akin to a group of teenage sweethearts than a couple that’s been together for 38 years!

The couple is also well known for their blended family, which consists of Hawn’s two children from her first marriage, Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson, Kurt’s son Boston Russell, from his first marriage, and their joint son, Wyatt Russell. Somewhat unsurprisingly, most of their children have followed their famous acting parents into show business. And now their kids have children of their own, which makes Hawn and Kurt grandparents, and they appear to absolutely love the roles.

Although the couple has never hidden their love — they often show affection in their social media posts together — from time to time they open up even further and discuss what exactly makes a relationship work long-term. And considering the success they’ve had together, many people around the world would love to know their secrets!

They’ve previously spoken of why they’ve never gotten married despite being devoted to one another, while Hawn has said that her beau still makes her feel beautiful. Their love is one for the ages and despite never taking a trip down the aisle, they continue to show why they’re one of Hollywood’s best couples.

First Meeting

1642260168-2488-41d7dac9db79299a171042-500x1Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn (1987), (Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

The pair initially met in 1966 on the set of a Disney movie titled “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band,” but they didn’t start a relationship until nearly two decades later when they worked together on the movie “Swing Shift” in 1983. It seemed their age difference was the problem when they first met, as Hawn said in a 2012 BBC interview:

“I was 21 and he was 16. I thought he was adorable, but he was much too young. Then, years later we met up again, and I remembered that I liked him very much when I first met him. We both said we would never go out with another actor so it just shows you never can tell.”

After they finally got together, the couple became inseparable and even starred in more movies together, including 1987’s “Overboard,” which was a big hit, and more recently in “The Christmas Chronicles” (2018) and “The Christmas Chronicles 2” (2020), where fittingly, Kurt played Santa Claus and Hawn played Mrs. Claus.

When they came together as a couple, they each brought children to their partnership — Hawn with Oliver and Kate, and Kurt with Boston, who he shares with his ex-wife Season Hubley. After a few years together, they even had a child of their own, a son named Wyatt. Their blended family is well known, not only because of its famous matriarch and patriarch, but because three of their four children are all actors too — everyone except for Boston has followed in the family business!

Not Taking Each Other For Granted

1642260168-7030-d2a102d2fe60f5e49f89ba-500x1Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn (1987), (Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

With a relationship as long as theirs, and in Hollywood, no less, it’s clear that they’re doing all the right things. In April 2020, Hawn opened up to People Magazine about her relationship with Kurt and how he doesn’t hold back from telling her how he really feels. She recalled:

“The other night we were going to go have dinner. He looks at me and goes, ‘You’re unbelievable. He said ‘I cannot believe how (beautiful) you look.’ He really appreciates that.”

Hawn sat for the video interview alongside her daughter, Kate, who chimed in on her parents’ aspirational relationship. She said:

“It’s so interesting because you guys have been together for so long and sometimes I look at it and I’m like, ‘How do you guys do it?’ You know, I’m still working on that.”

Kate went even further and said that her parents’ relationship is “really the goal” and that they’ve maintained a unit for their entire family, even through times of turmoil. She continued:

“They really are the center of all of our lives and that in itself is beautiful. They do complement each other so well.”

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their differences, but differences can also bring together balance. Kate added:

“Mom is kinetic and she is a butterfly. And Pa likes his family and his home. But when they’re together, it’s so powerful.”

Meanwhile, in a different interview with People Magazine from Dec. 2020, Hawn and Kurt opened up about the specific things they love about each other, and what drives them crazy too! The interview took place over Zoom and Kurt said about Hawn:

“The way she is when she’s happy is irresistible. I like that. That’s what I love most about Goldie.”

What They Love & Hate About Each Other

1642260168-1967-3e68688aac1e8c649c2380-500x1Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (1989), (Barry King/WireImage)

Hawn sure does have an infectious, bubbly personality that’s simply a joy to watch in movies or interviews, so it’s no surprise that it’s Kurt’s favorite thing about her. Meanwhile, Hawn’s favorite thing about Kurt was quite simple. She said:

“Like it or not, he can’t lie. I mean, he’s lied a little. But the truth of the matter is that what you see is what you get. He doesn’t fake. He’s not a womanizer, where he’s (trying to be) cool. I like the fact that he’s not pretending to be somebody else.”

Hawn said Kurt is playful too, though, and that “he has a child in him. He loves to play. He laughs big.” She also added that he’s “really, really smart” and that when he puts his mind to something, although he can be a little “obsessive-compulsive” he always gets it right. She gushed further about her life partner:

“I think he’s one of the great actors of all time. And he’s a fantastic father. So I win because I can think exactly what I love about him.”

And as for the things that drive them crazy about each other? For Kurt, it’s the fact that Hawn prefers to sleep in darkness while he prefers a light of some kind so that he can get up to use the bathroom more easily. Hawn explained:

“And I’ll say, ‘Honey, can you turn the light off?’ And he says, ‘Don’t you need a nightlight somewhere?’ Now that’s 38 years of this same conversation. The answer is no, I like a dark room.”

1642260168-7390-559eadf250a5b28443f15b-500x1Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (1997), (Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

However, Kurt was quick to defend himself. He said:

“So when I bang on the walls when I have to get up to go to the bathroom, we now understand why. If you ever see bruises it’s generally a middle of the night thing because I couldn’t find the doorway.”

Surprisingly, the thing that annoys Kurt about Hawn is also just as relatable an issue. It’s about the way she makes her cappuccino. He explained:

“The little spinner things they have to make the milk, she will not, after she’s made hers, she will not clean it out. Just throw a little water in there, clean it out, put it back up. So I wake up in the morning and there it is, caked on the thing, and it’s just salmonella waiting for you to drink it.”

Hawn admitted it was true and added that the reason she leaves it is that she thinks she’ll make another cup of coffee and doesn’t want to waste the milk, but then she usually forgets about it. Who would have thought that this loved-up A-list couple would have two annoying but rather endearing habits that make them even more likable in our eyes?

In the same interview they also opened up about how working together “was like a vacation.” Hawn said:

“We wanted to be good together. I mean, there’s lots of things that bother you in life like, ‘You never take out the trash!’ or crazy stuff like that. But in terms of working together, that was just a piece of cake.”

The Secrets Of A Great Relationship

1642260168-3188-7f0224d968132734f6c17f-500x1Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (2007), (Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images)

In a 2017 interview with People, Hawn spoke candidly about what makes a romantic partnership work. She said:

“Love, gratitude, compassion, because sometimes every man or every woman will drive their partner crazy. Family. Fun. Laughs. Sex. If you don’t nurture that, and remember, you’re done.”

The gorgeous couple certainly appears to tick all of those boxes. From their frequent social media posts that are both sweet and hilarious, to their joint interviews, and even the time they both received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame side by side, the couple appears to always be enjoying themselves, each other and life in general. The joint ceremony that honored their Walk of Fame stars was incredibly sweet, and Kurt ended his speech with some loving words to Hawn. She told People in the same interview about how touching it was:

“It turned out to be a lovefest. The last thing he said was, ‘I’ll always cherish you.’ I didn’t expect him to say those things. I had no idea he was going to be so beautiful.”

As well as cherishing each other so deeply, they also know that alone time is just as important. Once asked in an interview with ITV’s Loose Women about the ideal amount of time to spend with your partner in a relationship, Hawn candidly revealed:

“It depends on what year or era you’re in in your relationship. In a healthy, longer term relationship, I would say it’s great to be together about 68% of the time.”

Never short on relationship advice, the happy couple certainly seem to practice what they preach.

Thoughts On Monogamy

1642260168-4153-9d9eaeb9c856b9ff6ccf4d-500x1Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (2013), (Kevin Tachman/Getty Images for amfAR)

Although they’ve had a seemingly perfect relationship and been Hollywood’s golden couple for nearly 40 years, Hawn shared some interesting thoughts about monogamy in the same 2017 People interview. She stopped short of revealing whether the couple had fully practiced monogamy themselves, but she spoke of how difficult it was to do so. She said:

“Monogamy is a very tough order. You’re in the prime of your life, you are attracted to other people, potentially, you have fantasies about that. It really runs the risk, if you will, if you’re not aware that you could maybe screw up a really good thing by doing that.”

Asked how she and Kurt handle those tough feelings, she answered:

“I’m sure I’ve been party to it, and Kurt’s been — we’re all normal this way. It’s like, ‘You really liked that guy, didn’t you?’ Or the woman says, ‘You were looking at her.’ My answer would be, ‘Of course. Why not? She’s beautiful.’ Would you want a man who doesn’t look? Who doesn’t feel inspired by the beauty or the curves of a woman’s body? Or the way she is? I mean, come on. We’re human beings. There is, I guess, an elasticity to the relationship. Otherwise it’s going to break, just like a rubber band.”

It’s somewhat surprising but also humbling to know that even they have to deal with such things in their relationship too. And maybe that’s the key to their strong bond — they don’t overlook the difficult aspects of a relationship, but rather speak openly about them and accept their existence.

The Marriage Question

1642260168-6722-e7faf30b3a805f11166bd7-500x1Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn (2017), (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

However, despite their enduring decades-long relationship, one interesting thing about their union is that they’ve never chosen to get married. Hawn openly discussed the topic in a 2007 interview with Woman’s Day magazine. Asked why they won’t head down the aisle, Hawn responded:

“Because we have done just perfectly without marrying. I already feel devoted and isn’t that what marriage is supposed to do? So as long as my emotional state is in a state of devotion, honesty, caring and loving, then we’re fine.”

She went on to mention their children and how they’ve managed to raise them into “beautiful people.” She said:

“We did a great job there and we didn’t have to get married to do that. I like waking up every day and seeing that he is there and knowing that I have a choice. There is really no reason to marry.”

Considering theirs is one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting relationships, they’ve clearly proven their point that marriage is unnecessary as long as there is love, respect and mutual compassion towards one another. Kurt even weighed in on the topic in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2018 when he said:

“Everyone has their marker on what is really important and where you draw the line. For Goldie and me, that core value was this: the kids come first. That big movie I turned down came at an age when they really needed one of us around.”

They clearly know what it takes to make a relationship and family dynamic work, even amid the uncertainty of a Hollywood lifestyle.

1642260168-2661-f6638a27138aa60ce7868f-500x1Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (2017), (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

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